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Full House Restoration With Bespoke Joinery

A recommendation from a previous client to refurbish a beautiful listed building designed by renowned architect Richard Norman Shaw.
Having been used as bed and breakfast previously, this home needed a lot of alterations to make it fit for family living. With large beautiful rooms and sweeping hallways, it was going to be a tough task. As with all old buildings, it threw up a lot of challenges.
The project was an incredible success and we are very proud of what we achieved, and the clients have a stunning family home. The project included a lot of bespoke joinery, including vanity units, fitted wardrobes, and a boot room added to the rear entrance.


At times It was difficult for both the clients and us while they occupied the building, it is not always possible to move out due to costs, but we will always try and work with clients through what can be a stressful time.

Extension With Open Plan Living

Phil and Tanya were recommended The Little White Building Company, by one of our previous clients. The original premise was to extend the ground floor with a rear extension to create a large open plan kitchen and dining space which opened out into the garden. The original layout as with many victorian properties comprised of many small rooms which doesn’t lend itself to the open plan modern design that the clients wanted.
As the project was its early stages it became apparent that it had been affected by more than just age & bad construction the effects of bombing in the area meant the building was falling apart. What started as a standard refurbishment turned into and rescue mission. A complete new roof had to constructed, nearly all the interior walls had to be stripped back and repaired.
The loft space was to have an extra room to create a two bed two bath ensuite living area. This dramatically changed the size of the house which would allow more flexibility so the house could grow with the family.
We worked with Phil and Tanya and discussed the space they wanted and their ideas around decoration. Every room of the house was to be refurbished. 10 months after starting this full refurbishment, this Victorian house was bought back to life, while still being sympathetic towards original features.

Period Property Restoration

From the start we knew the client wanted to keep the finish very classical. We worked with them to make sure that we kept the buildings history and classical style. Marble tiles and tiled cornice creates a stately look. The large dark blue vanity gives a commanding luxurious feel while the chequered floor adds a touch of vibrancy.

This project definitely presented us with challenges. The bathroom in this beautiful home had to have some major structural works as the floor joists had completely rotted away. Not easy as we had no access from below.

The main room lends it self to any grade 11 listed era. Its both timeless and also elegant and would complement any stately home. The whole room had to be stripped back to bear bones and started again. As with all grade 11 listed buildings we had to keep as much of the features and details as possible, It all helped in keeping the heritage and style of the apartment. Its a job we are very proud of.

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