Trends for 2016
2016 will see polished kitchens take on a more eclectic vibe. Instead of incorporating one or two materials, homeowners will turn to a variety of opposing styles. Rustic wood meets black stainless old fashioned tiles.
Black stainless steel:
 Polished stainless is on the way out to be replaced with sleek black stainless could be a trend of the future.
Formal dining is back:
Dining rooms are coming back instead of converting them into media or playrooms. Adult time is back.
Mismatched cabinets:
Not only adding contrasting  colours different textures can also be used to add something different.
Tech-less living rooms:
With the increased amount of tech invading our homes 2016 could be the turn into less technology in the living to increase family time.
The focal point of the room is returning, even non working Fireplaces are coming back to the center stage.